Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Jeff Miller of ILL/Circ here!! I thought I would write a little something on Delicious! First of all, I was not surprised so many people share so many of the same websites. I guess it is true about there only being a certain amount of personalities out there! Secondly, people should really take advantage of the 'Tags' option! Its a real fun way to describe you the selected website and show what type of person the user is! You know if someone tagged Yahoo with 'informative' as opposed to 'information dizzles'... quite the character revelation! Finally, off the subject, Sarah Glassmeyer has a great last name! I got Miller.. which really isn't even my real last name... its one of those Ellis Island early 1900's Fresh off the Boat choices.. I might as well just change it to Smith or Johnson...



Yeah.. who knew people were as twisted as I was... many a'human being had similar 'fav' websites as me! Although, if this were all anonymous.. who knows what sites I would have added!??! DUM DUM DDDDUMMMMMM!!!
Yeah, not really... they'd probably be more embarassingly geeky... but this is for a Library... so Geek Pride!
Here's my DELICIOUS assortment of websites.... they are LUSH aren't they!?!?


Yeah.. Wikipedia has basically replaced most Yahoo! searches for me these days.. less of a chance of getting some form of porn site in the results. I mean seriously... when I type in a person's name.. do I want the first result to be "See so n' so naked!" or "So n'so likes it rough.. do you?" SERIOUSLY... what happened to the internet's Academic appeal??!
Anywho, I made a wiki for my fav Sci-fi show Doctor Who... he kinda rulez...
Checkz it l8rz!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


These RSS feeds are REALLY useful when you're subscribed to a couple blogs! Of course I added the Blue 2.0 feed... DUH! Gotta get my points!
I also added my current fav blog called Cute with Chris.. its the sarcastic Canadian man who judges people's pet photos.... GREAT for some dry humor!!

Friday, January 18, 2008


I've had my current screename of Vryodd since AOL V.1!! Back then you could only have max of 6 letters.. it was basic but extraordinary! Just to make some of you feel a bit old.. I was in 7th grade then! So I've had access to the internet since I was in middle school!
Well, the good thing about chat'n online is now seen in the growing popularity of text messaging! The information is usually to the point, no awkward silences, you can see what you want to say before you send it... it all very cowardly actually... but it works!!


Well.. being from the X or Y er Digital generation.. I'm pretty familiar with all these sorts of things! I currently have another blog, less work appropriate, but if I know y'well enough.. I'll give y'the link!
Basically blogs serve two immediate purposes... 1) to save on diary paper AND 2) for a lil attention!! You wouldnt post diary pages to a telephone pole unless you wanted a reaction... some people call that 'artistic'...
Anywho, Welcome to my first post!!